Wednesday 13 December 2017

Quotes from Anglo trial about Drumm

{ It started off friendly enough but it didn't end friendly."

Sean Quinn describing a meeting he had with David Drumm in July 2008.

{ He told me that you will probably make no money in this transaction, but you will be a friend to the bank." Maple 10 property developer Brian O'Farrell on how Drumm sold the loan for shares deal.

{ David Drumm told me that if this hole wasn't plugged immediately that Anglo would be gone within a week and that after they would probably drag down AIB (Allied Irish Banks) and Bank of Ireland." Brian O'Farrell (right) on how Drumm sold the deal.

{ Excited, I would say. I think he's lying awake at night like the rest of us." Drumm on the Financial Regulator's feelings about the Maple 10 deal in an email.

{ My understanding was he wanted people he felt comfortable with." Pat Whelan on how Drumm picked the Maple 10.

{ You don't question the CEO." Whelan on Drumm's instruction to pen new facility letters to the Maple 10, which he said were "David's concept".

{ David Drumm and Pat Neary seemed to have a hotline to each other." Whelan on Drumm's relationship with the Financial Regulator.

{ He was keeping it very, very tight." Sean FitzPatrick on Drumm's refusal to reveal the identities of the Maple 10.

{ If David Drumm tells you it's Monday, you don't have to check the calendar." Michael O'Higgins SC, for Sean FitzPatrick.

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