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Wednesday 21 March 2018

Quinns visit their son in prison for first time

DOING TIME: Sean Quinn and his wife Patricia after they visited Sean Jnr in Dublin's
Mountjoy Prison yesterday. Photo: Gerry Mooney
DOING TIME: Sean Quinn and his wife Patricia after they visited Sean Jnr in Dublin's Mountjoy Prison yesterday. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Sean Quinn Jnr's wife Karen on way to visit him in Dublin's Mountjoy Prison. Photo: Gerry Mooney
Philip Ryan

Philip Ryan

AFTER a week of media interviews Sean Quinn was surprisingly quiet yesterday when he visited his incarcerated son in Mountjoy Prison.

Accompanied by his wife, Patricia, and daughter-in-law, Karen, the embattled tycoon arrived at the prison in north inner city Dublin shortly after 10am in a black Mercedes Benz.

This is the first time the former billionaire visited Sean Jnr behind bars and he seemed in fine form as he waved to the assembled press pack waiting for a picture or a quote.

Patricia covered her face from camera flashes as her husband drove down Glengariff Parade to the low security wing's entrance.

Looking as glamorous as ever in figure-hugging black jeans and designer high-heels, Karen Quinn popped into a local shop to pick up a copy of the Irish Independent for her jailed hubby. The newspaper may have become a family essential since Friday's edition included a full page picture of the stunning blonde to accompany the story that she still works as a receptionist despite receiving €320,000 in wages from mysterious Russian firms.

Dressed in navy slacks and purple shirt with his jumper draped over his shoulders, Mr Quinn looked relaxed as he strolled up to the prison gates behind his wife who was more anxious to avoid public attention. The Quinns were among a number of people who were visiting friends and family in Mountjoy's training unit yesterday afternoon.

Fathers, mothers, and children were buzzed in and searched by security guards before they were allowed some short but precious time with their loved ones.

The majority of visitors who arrived before and after the Quinn family stayed for around 30 minutes before they were led out by prison guards.

And when Karen visited Sean Jnr last weekend she was also only allowed a half an hour with her husband.

However, this week the Quinn clan stayed for over two hours in the prison and according to other visitors they looked relaxed as they sipped coffee and chatted.

When they eventually emerged Mr Quinn again looked at ease as he sauntered to his car, while his wife scurried towards the Mercedes car for safety.

Quotes were not as forthcoming and Mr Quinn simply said his son was doing 'grand' locked up inside one of the country's most notorious prisons. The family later released a statement explaining their extended stay in the prison.

It read: "Today we visited our son Sean for the first time in Mountjoy Prison, It was a difficult day for myself and my wife Patricia.

"We arrived at the prison early for our scheduled visit as we were not familiar with the protocol in the prison. After our visit we waited inside the jail hoping for some of the media to leave."

Taking the lead from her father-in-law, Karen also looked like she was becoming comfortable with media scrum that has become a part of her daily life.

As she got into the Mercedes she gave a smile to waiting photographers.

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