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Quinn Group headquarters hit by mysterious blackout

MYSTERY surrounds a power outage at Quinn Group Headquarters that caused the electricity and phone lines to go down.

Staff arrived to work in Derrylin, Co Fermanagh, yesterday morning to find there was no power in the building.

A spokeswoman for Northern Ireland Electricity said no power outage was reported in the area yesterday.

Workers were told they would be sent home -- but shortly before midday they were told to go for an early lunch and to return at 2pm.

The electricity returned at around 2.30pm but problems with the internal computer network remained, making it difficult for employees to carry out their work.

The phone lines also remained down.

Full power was restored at around 3.45pm and work could resume as normal.

The outages come just days after a dumper truck was abandoned outside the building, blocking access.

Yesterday a company that specialises in "perimeter security" carried out work at the building.

A spokesman for the PSNI said it was continuing to investigate the criminal damage caused by the dumper truck.

He said the PSNI had recorded no complaints about power outages in the area yesterday.

Irish Independent