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Wednesday 17 January 2018

Quinlivan will meet ex-minister on hustings

Barry Duggan

MAURICE Quinlivan, the Sinn Fein politician who Willie O'Dea made false allegations against, is expected to cross swords again with the besieged Fianna Fail TD at the next general election.

Last night, the 43-year-old Limerick city councillor who has found himself at the centre of a political and legal storm described the former defence minister's actions as "appalling".

"I took a defamation case against him and I am quite happy with the outcome of that, but I think the political consequences are that he had to resign, it is as simple as that," Mr Quinlivan said.


Mr Quinlivan said he was "pleased" the minister had resigned and this brought the matter to an end for him.

"It has been a long and very stressful, emotional year. The allegations that were out there about me were totally unfounded, totally untrue and have finally been nailed today by the minister's resignation," he said.

"He has taken his responsibilities. It was unacceptable for him as a cabinet minister to stay in Cabinet having spread allegations like those about me."

Mr Quinlivan said he had hoped Mr O'Dea would have resigned earlier.

"The question now is the government ministers who protected Mr O'Dea and who thought what he did to me was okay. They should consider their position now," he added.

While Mr Quinlivan said it was for Sinn Fein to decide who would stand in the next election in the new Limerick city four-seater constituency, it was widely expected that the two adversaries would come up against each other.

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