Monday 28 May 2018

Quick-thinking barman hailed a hero for saving life of customer having asthma attack

David Hearne, who saved the life of a customer who was having an asthma attack.
David Hearne, who saved the life of a customer who was having an asthma attack.
Geraldine Gittens

Geraldine Gittens

A quick-thinking barman has been hailed a hero for saving a customer’s life.

David Hearne (26) was working in Shortts bar in Waterford city last week, when one of the pub’s bouncers called him because a customer was having an asthma attack.

David, who volunteers with Waterford Marine Search and Rescue and is a trained emergency first responder, ran to help the distressed customer.

“One of our security personnel said there was someone out by the toilets in a stressed state. When I got to him I knew straight away that he was having an asthma attack because of the way he was holding himself, and how he was breathing as well.”

“He was starting to get worse and we had to move him to a private area. I was on to ambulance control and they told me to do a breath test. Normally people have 10 breaths per minute, but this man only had three.”

“He stopped breathing, I automatically started doing CPR. The bouncer rang to ask if the ambulance could get there any quicker.”

“It was about a minute and a half when he eventually started to breathe again and we thought he was after coming back around but within 10 seconds he was gone again. By this stage the crew had arrived, and they got him into the ambulance, and took him to Waterford University Hospital straight away.”

The customer called David when he had recovered in hospital to thank him.

David recalled: “That night, that person went from alive to dead to alive again in front of me.”

“He’s doing well. He is OK. To me, I helped someone and that’s why I did the training. It’s what I want to get into, I want to be a paramedic.”

“The customer said thank you, he was very humble about it, it’s part of what I do.”

 “If I hadn’t been there, our bouncers have basic first aid and they would have done what I was doing. Doing CPR, it’s important to be confident.”

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