Monday 14 October 2019

Quick and the dead: speed vans' graveyard shifts criticised

A mobile road safety camera van operated by GoSafe
A mobile road safety camera van operated by GoSafe

Anne Lucey

Gardaí will be asked not to park speed vans outside graveyards on the morning of funerals out of respect for the deceased and the bereaved.

'GoSafe' speed detection vans were in operation outside a number of graveyards in Kerry and were "pulling people" for speed. In one case, a speed detection van had set up half an hour before one burial.

Kerry County Council heard of issues with a number of the council's almost 160 cemeteries.

Fianna Fáil councillor John Francis Flynn said vans regularly parked on the road outside a graveyard near Kerry Airport.

Mr Flynn said he had witnessed this himself and had received complaints.

One morning, the van had set up 30 minutes before the burial of a woman at Kilnanare graveyard. The family approached the van operators and asked them to move on.

"It is very intimidating for loved ones to know someone is sitting in a van outside," he said. "Out of respect for the public and for the deceased we should seek to get speed vans to move from these areas."

The situation was also happening in Ballyheigue Graveyard, north of Tralee, he said. Mr Flynn said it was also outside Fossa Church, on the N72 road between Killarney and Killorglin, where vans sometimes took up four car spaces.

The matter will be raised by the council with gardaí through the Joint Policing Committee.

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