Wednesday 23 October 2019

Q&A: So what exactly is eating the Green Line drivers?


Who's complaining? Drivers on the Green Line.


When the line was extended cross-city, they argued that their lunch arrangements were not adequate.

What was wrong?

They complained that the facilities for taking breaks were not as good as they had been.

They said that their rosters in some cases did not allow them to take their breaks at Sandyford, where their shift began and where they used to store their packed lunches in a fridge.

Before the line was extended, they would have returned to Sandyford for lunch.

Siptu, the union representing the drivers, said eating at the new depot in Broombridge would involve an extra cost as they could no longer bring packed lunches as they would have to be carried in a warm cab for hours.

What does Transdev say?

It has said it would have to take on five extra drivers at a cost of €250,000 a year to allow staff to return to their original depot for lunch.

Wasn't there some issue involving cooler bags?

Yes, the drivers rejected that proposal. The company offered cooler bags to keep their lunches fresh.

The Labour Court recommended a risk assessment of the cooler bags which said lunches would stay safe for up to six hours if they were closed and zipped.

The drivers also rejected a proposal recently that meant they would get a €2-a-meal subsidy.

What is now proposed?

They are being offered the €2-a-meal subsidy as well as the option of buying fresh sandwiches and ready meals from vending machines.

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