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Saturday 21 September 2019

Putting on a brave face: Gen Z teens say makeup and beauty are top priority

Kim Kardashian: makeup and beauty are top priorities. Photo: REUTERS
Kim Kardashian: makeup and beauty are top priorities. Photo: REUTERS
Laura Lynott

Laura Lynott

Makeup and beauty are top priorities for the teenage girls of 'Generation Z', a study has found.

Some 88pc of Gen Z-ers, aged between 17 and 19, claimed it as their favourite interest in the latest research.

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The only interest to come near beauty and make-up was fashion.

Only 71pc said that they were most interested in stylish dressing.

This came well ahead of exercise - rated by only 39pc as a top interest.

Cooking was favoured by only 34pc of the teenagers surveyed as a priority in their lives.

CIDESCO, a global training body for the beauty and spa sector, commissioned a youth market research firm to canvass school-leavers on their favourite interests and aspirations for the future.

In the survey, 42pc said they would consider a career in the beauty industry.

The global beauty and spa industry will make more than €170bn in revenue by 2024, according to predictions from CIDESCO.

The training body said it believed that Gen Z's "obsession with all things beauty" is likely to have been sparked by social media, celebrities and beauty bloggers.

Mary O'Donoghue, president of CIDESCO Ireland, said: "The impact of Ireland's buoyant beauty industry is evident and is manifesting in an unprecedented demand for professional training and educational courses.

"Employment in this sector offers many candidates their dream job and a career that is engaging and fulfilling while also being flexible and stable.

"Even during economic uncertainty, the beauty industry tends to be insulated from its harshest impact as a beneficiary of the so-called lipstick effect."

The "lipstick effect" theory holds that during economic downturns, women tend to buy beauty products such as skin creams and lipsticks instead of big ticket items like furniture.

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