Thursday 22 February 2018

Puppy thrown into river and left to die 'ecstatic after being re-united with mum'

Splash was ecstatic when united with Clara
Splash was ecstatic when united with Clara
Catherine Devine

Catherine Devine

A puppy who was put in a plastic bag and thrown into a river with his siblings to drown, is "ecstatic" after being re-united with his mum.

Seven puppies were left for dead after being dumped in a river near Clara, Co Offaly last Wednesday.

Six died, but Splash was rescued by a passer-by and is thriving.

Yesterday, Cara Rescue Dogs picked up a stray collie named Clara who was "full of milk" and was found abandoned near where the puppies were left.

"We cannot say for certain she is his mother, but their reaction when they were re-united was very special. The puppy was separated from his mother for at least six days and we're trying to establish if Clara is his mum.

"Their reaction says it all though. The mammy was ecstatic and Splash was dancing around the place. He went straight into suckle."

While the rescue team said that puppies can often latch onto females who aren't their mothers, they said it "was too natural and easy".

The team are now hoping to raise money to get a maternity test to prove that Clara is Splash's mum.

"We are determined to catch whoever did this. The owner was very sloppy and this kind of thing isn't acceptable anymore. There are new ways to catch people who do things like this and we are fully prepared to go into CSI mode and track them down. Whether it takes weeks or months, I'm confident we will catch whoever did this horrible crime.

"We're sick of it."

While the mum and puppy are doing well, Cara Rescue Dogs said that the young pup is turning two-weeks-old and shouldn't stay feeding off his mum for too long.

"The mammy is tired and sore, so it's not fair on her to leave him suckiling.

"She was abandoned too and nobody has come forward claiming her as theirs."

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