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Pupils near dump fire warned to stay inside

SCHOOLS near a massive landfill fire have been told to keep children indoors to avoid the plume of smoke.

Firefighters have said it will take until the end of this week to extinguish the fire at Kerdiffstown near Naas, Co Kildare.

Yesterday, the HSE again advised people living in the surrounding area to "avoid the plume and stay inside, with windows and doors shut, whenever the plume is passing over their houses or other premises''.

It said this advice was as important to schools as it was to households.

"Those with existing respiratory or cardiac problems, young children and the elderly may experience symptoms.

"The HSE has advised that people with symptoms should reduce their level of activity, take medications as prescribed and consult their doctor."

Up to 100 firefighters from several counties are dealing with the blaze.

Smoke is still billowing across the M7 motorway and enveloping Naas with an acrid smell.

The smoke can travel several miles depending on the wind and weather conditions.

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