Thursday 14 December 2017

Public workers' earnings above limit


Anne-Marie Walsh Industry Correspondent

THE current and previous governments set three pay caps for new staff who are directly employed or work at companies that are fully or partly state-owned.

• For directly employed public servants, there is a pay cap of €200,000 for new recruits.

• For new staff at the commercial semi-states, the cap is €250,000 -- although the Government made an exception for the ESB, where the starting salary for chief executives is €318,083.

• For new staff at the bailed-out banks, the upper limit is €500,000.

But hospital consultants and workers at the Central Bank, NAMA and NTMA are exempt from these ceilings, which makes their pay a grey area.

The Government has asked staff at the three agencies to take pay cuts and give up their bonuses, but they still enjoy among the highest wages in the state sector.

It recently emerged that at least 16 people working in NAMA and NTMA were earning more than the €200,000 public-sector salary cap.

At AIB, new chief executive David Duffy was recently given a €500,000 pay packet -- at cap level -- even though Fine Gael, when in opposition, argued that pay for bailed-out bank chiefs should not exceed €250,000.

At least 28 people on the public payroll were being paid more than €250,000 last April.

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