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Public urged to stop flushing anti-septic wipes and turn off taps while washing hands as water demand reaches record levels


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IRISH Water has asked the public to avoid flushing anti-septic wipes and to turn-off taps while washing hands as the provider works to keep up with surging demand for supply.

The national water utility said it is trying to ensure supply is not disrupted as demand has hit new highs over the past couple of months.

Irish Water said ways in which the public can conserve water supply includes turning off taps while lathering soap, and advised against disposing antiseptic wipes by flushing them down a toilet.

A spokesperson told Independent.ie: "Over the past few months demand for water has reached record levels, particularly in the Greater Dublin Area, and Irish Water is encouraging people to conserve water where possible to help to ensure a reliable supply for everyone.

"For example it may not be necessary to leave a tap running for the full time while lathering with soap or other cleanser and instead turn the tap on to wet hands and again to wash off the soap.

"Irish Water is also aware that there may be increased usage of antiseptic wipes at this time and we would ask that these are disposed of in a bin as the flushing of wipes can cause blockages on the network. Even those wipes that are marked as flushable should be binned and not flushed.

The provider has also asked businesses that have temporarily closed in response to the Covid-19 outbreak to turn off all non-essential water in buildings.

"We are aware that many businesses are either closing temporarily or reducing the number of staff in their buildings so we are asking them to turn off all non-essential water in buildings including, for example, the automatic flushing of urinals and to check for leaks."

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