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Public trust in Government up to 35pc but still lower than global average

SEVEN out of 10 Irish people do not trust government leaders to tell the truth, an international survey has revealed.

Although overall trust in the country's administration is rising, the number of people who have faith in politicians to do their job properly remains very low.

The 2012 Edelman Trust Barometer, which gauges public confidence in powerful institutions like government, business and the media around the world, also found:

- One in 10 Irish people believe the government is listening to their needs.

- 12pc say the Fine Gael/Labour administration is effectively managing the economy.

- 14pc have faith in the coalition to create jobs through training programmes.

Overall trust in the government in Ireland has risen from 20pc to 35pc - but that compares to a global average of 43pc, the report shows.

Two-thirds of the population think the country is on the wrong track to recovery from the economic crisis.

Less than one in 10 have any faith in banks - the lowest level of any industry in the world - compared to an overall 46pc population-wide trust level in business.

A quarter of the general public place any credibility in government regulators.

Mark Cahalane, managing director of Edelman Ireland, said trust was at a critical turning point among the Irish public.

"Citizens seek leadership, clarity and solutions and don't believe any institution is delivering on these expectations," he said.

"The clear message for government is that it is perceived not to be getting its message through or listening."

Trust in the media has dropped from 38pc of the population to 35pc despite a global trend that showed an overall increase in trust in media outlets.

Traditional news sources such as newspapers, TV, radio, as well as online search engines, were the most trusted sources of information.

Content-sharing sites and social networking sites were the least trusted, the report showed.

Edelmen found the majority of people in Ireland (64pc) needed to hear something between three and five times before they believed it.

The survey was carried out across 25 countries and polled 30,000 people.