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Public service pay and pensions bill down over €3bn between 2009 and 2015 – Howlin

THE Exchequer net pay and pensions bill will be down €3.3bn, or 19pc, between 2009 and 2015, according to new figures from Public Reform Minister Brendan Howlin.

Addressing the Public Service Executive Union in Kilkenny today, he said the “very significant” reduction would be achieved despite the inevitable increase in public service pension costs over that period.

In the same period, the Exchequer pay bill will be reduced from €17.5bn to €13.7bn, he added.

By last December, numbers in the public sector have fallen by last December by over 23,000 from a peak in 2008 while another 7,500 retired in January and February.

However, he warned that the Croke Park agreement would only work if there is continued co-operation.

“The Government is committed to reform and the role of my department is to facilitate, support and drive that reform,” he said.