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Public appeal for donors as blood stocks dwindle

THE number of people donating blood doubled yesterday, after it emerged that stocks were running dangerously low.

A spokesperson for the Irish Blood Transfusion Service (IBTS) said that at least 140 people had given blood at the clinic in D'Olier Street in Dublin after an appeal was made.

But she said the blood supplies would have to recover or hospitals may have to start cancelling operations at the end of next week.

Donations have plunged in recent weeks because of the bad weather and there are just five days of supply of O Positive and just three days of O Negative left.

Several clinics will be open today and tomorrow as part of a public appeal to give blood and avert a crisis.

Operations Director Paddy Bowler said the service had only been able to meet 75-80pc of its collection targets over the past three weeks.

The IBTS organises blood donor clinics nationwide. In Dublin, you can attend a clinic in D'Olier Street or at the Stillorgan Shopping Centre. In Cork, you can donate at St Finbarr's hospital on the Douglas Road.

For more information, visit www.giveblood.ie or call 1850 731 137.

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