Tuesday 20 March 2018

Pub siege eyewitness: ‘They tried to coax him out, using the local dialect’

Alan O’Keeffe in Baileborough

THE small Cavan town of Baileborough is this morning attempting to come to terms with the violent death of a local woman and the events that occurred afterwards.

Both Patricia Kierans and the arrested man are well known to all in town.

Retired butcher, John E Sheanon told the Herald this morning that he could hear the gardai attempting to get the man - who was in The Square Bar - to leave the premises safely.

“I could hear the gardai negotiating with him outside the pub during the night,” he said.

“The guards were trying to coax him out and were chatting with him, I suppose you could say in the local dialect.

“They had to raise their voices, they were there for quite a while,” he said.

The former butcher knew Ms Kierans.

“Patricia was a really nice, pleasant lady.

“She came to the town when her family arrived from Belfast around the start of the troubles.

“She was a teenager when she came. She was a real hard working woman and very thrifty.

Locals said the arrested man enjoyed a regular drink in local pubs.

A man who witnessed the dramatic end to the siege said that at around 3am, three or four heavily armed gardai entered the premises through the front door.

The witness, who did not wish to be named, said gardai were inside for less than five minutes when they emerged onto the street once more.

The man was taken out the back door of the pub and put into a silver coloured garda car and was driven off at a fast speed, said the eye witness.

Another man, Peter Sheridan (52), said: “I was coming back to my flat near the pub at around 7pm when I found the whole place cordoned off. There were armed guards all over the place and there were guns everywhere.

“A guard told me I couldn’t get back into my flat but I was allowed to go in to get my fiancée and the child. We then had to leave the area for the night,” Mr Sheridan said.

Local woman Ceceilia Brady (78) told the Herald that the victim was well known.

“Patricia was a very quiet woman. She has four grandchildren in Australia. Shane – her son - left on Wednesday. His wife and children haven’t left yet,” she said.

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