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PSEU clings on to Croke Park deal

PUBLIC sector workers are to cling on to the Croke Park Agreement in a bid to avoid further pay cuts, or compulsory redundancies.

Middle-ranking civil servants yesterday faced down an attempt by some union members to pull out of the deal and begin a campaign of protests.

Delegates attending the annual conference of the Public Service Executive Union (PSEU) in Galway voted by a substantial majority to back the union leadership's motion to ensure that the guarantees in the agreement, protecting jobs and safeguarding pay are maintained.

Union president, Valerie Behan told the conference that the task for the foreseeable future would be to work to the terms of the Croke Park deal.

PSEU general secretary Tom Geraghty told delegates that while the country was bankrupt, the Croke Park Agreement was a rare success story.

Delegates from the Enterprise, Trade and Innovation Branch opposed a motion backing the agreement and proposed instead to ramp up opposition to the deal.

In a stark reminder to delegates, Mr Geraghty, exercising his right of reply to the motion supporting the Croke Park deal, added: "We know that if Croke Park doesn't deliver, pay cuts are back on the agenda."

Irish Independent