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Proud new mum explains THAT traffic report - 'Woman in labour forced to lean out window in rush hour traffic'


Baby Kian was born six minutes after reaching the CUMH maternity ward (Photo: Facebook/CorksRedFM)

Baby Kian was born six minutes after reaching the CUMH maternity ward (Photo: Facebook/CorksRedFM)

Baby Kian was born six minutes after reaching the CUMH maternity ward (Photo: Facebook/CorksRedFM)

A woman nearing the final stages of labour was forced to lean out the window of her car as her husband desperately tried to navigate rush-hour traffic yesterday morning.

Grainne Cosgrove described how gardai kept her husband calm over the phone as he attempted to drive up the busy Wilton Road to the Cork University Maternity Hospital.

Grainne, who praised her husband for his calm nature, said she just remembers putting her head out the window for fresh air.

A listener rang into Cork radio station RedFM with a more than unusual traffic report during the incident, claiming there was a woman 'hanging out the passenger window... her husband in an awful way on the phone'.

BABY ON BOARD - Yesterday KC got a traffic report from a listener to say there was a lady in labour on the Wilton road...

Posted by Corks RedFM 104-106 on Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Speaking to the Neil Prendeville Show today, Grainne (now a proud mum of three) said they welcomed Baby Kian into the world just six minutes after they reached the labour ward.

"My husband was talking to the guards when we were in the car, I was unaware of the conversation," Grainne said.

"The traffic was quite heavy at that point, my husband was looking for some assistance to get to the hospital to get out of traffic.

"He was very calm, I was very proud of him. He surpassed himself.

"The guards were fantastic, a lady called Eimear spoke to him calmly through it until he got to the door of the labour ward with the car."

Meanwhile, Grainne, from Mallow, was 'trying to do anything but give birth'.

"I was trying not to give birth, I suppose you're not conscious of your surroundings, you're just doing your own thing," she said.

"The main thing is you're trying to listen to your body, but I was trying to deny my body what it wanted it to do.

"My legs were firmly inside the car, but my head was looking for air out the window.

"My husband was just trying to get around the traffic under the guidance of the guards, trying to be safe, not trying to cause an accident.

"If it was me, I would have been beeping and banging on the sides of the cars!"

She added: "This is my third baby, I woke at half six with a tiny niggle but things got very quick when I hopped in the car.

"I think it's a Mother Nature thing as well, the rough journey might have sped things up."

Proud Grainne said Baby Kian, who was born weighing seven pounds and two ounces, is happy and healthy and his big sister and brother Caoimhe and Ciaran are looking forward to meeting him.

She also thanked the motorists who manoeuvred to allow the car through.

"Everybody is happy and  healthy and that's the main thing. I'm happy to go home now, the baby's happy and we're all sorted and ready to rock so they say," she said.

"I must go home now for my other little cuddles!"

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