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Sunday 19 November 2017

Protestor spits at Eoghan Harris after he denounces republicans as ‘moral cowards’ reporters

FORMER Senator Eoghan Harris was spat upon by a protester after speaking out against republicanism’s role in Irish history at a commemoration honouring Liam Lynch in Fermoy.

His address at the annual event rankled with some of those attending as he received jeers and boos from sections of the crowd who were in attendance to commemorate the Irish general during the War of Independence and the Civil War.

As Senator Harris was leaving, one attendee spat at him in disgust after Mr Harris called most republicans “moral cowards” over their failure to challenge fellow republicans in confronting atrocities in the name of freedom.

“In 2016 the Irish Republic must not play the IRA’s game by waving a green flag or glamorising the gunmen of 1916 or 1921,” he said.

“The cult of Michael Collins is no less lethal than the cult of Liam Lynch.”

Senator Harris was asked by a member of the Gardai if he wished to press charges over the spitting incident but he declined.

Chairman of the Liam Lynch committee Cllr Frank O’Flynn expressed outrage over the speech.

“We in no way condone what he said. He attacked Liam Lynch, who fought to protect the very freedom we enjoy today. It was disgraceful,” he said.

Mr. Harris said he stood by his remarks saying he wanted to highlight a new way of bridging the divide between republican and unionist communities.

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