Monday 20 November 2017

Protesters 'unsure of their demands'

Protesters on Dame Street last night
Protesters on Dame Street last night

Mark Hilliard

THEY haven't quite worked out yet what their protest is about or how long they intend to stay.

But protesters at an Irish tented village in the style of New York's 'Occupy Wall Street' movement have said there are no plans to bring it to an end or limit its size. The camp, which sprang up outside Dublin's Central Bank last Saturday, appeared to be without any specific focus other than a general demonstration against political and economic conditions in Ireland.

Organisers say it has not been driven by any political group but is merely a collection of concerned citizens coordinated through Facebook. Last night a crowd of about 30 people gathered in an open meeting to decide on the wording of 'demands'.

The IMF, oil and gas resources, debt forgiveness and political reform were all proposed as elements of inclusion in the demonstration. About 12 tents make up the 'Occupy Dame Street' site, which so far has encountered no official obstruction from either gardai or the Central Bank.

However, those who are camping outside the premises say there are no plans to restrict the number of tents. Last night a number of demonstrators circulated a megaphone around an assembled crowd in an effort to formalise the protest and exact wording of demands.

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