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Saturday 20 January 2018

Prostitute tells court man stabbed her partner and robbed her money

A prostitute has told the Central Criminal Court that a man stabbed her partner in front of her and took her money.

Przemyslaw Trebacz (35) of Bramble Rise, Killynebber, Cavan has pleaded not guilty to the murder of Costel Catalin Cretu (38) at Connolly Court, Connolly Street, Cavan between October 13 and 14, 2012.

Mr Trebacz has pleaded guilty to criminal damage to a door belonging to Brendan Cosgrove at Connolly Court on October 13, 2012.

Florentina Sotir (41) told Mr Patrick McGrath SC prosecuting that she and another woman called Strop, were working as prostitutes in an apartment and that her partner Mr Cretu was guarding them.

She told the court that another woman would usually phone to say a client was arriving to avail of their services and only opened the door when told to in advance.

Ms Sotir said she met Mr Cretu in Romania and was going out with him before she moved to Ireland.

She said she moved to Ireland after an acquaintance of Mr Cretu in Romania told them he could get them both jobs but did not mention the nature of the work.

She told the court she and another woman came to Ireland without Mr Cretu and her plane fare was paid for.

Ms Sotir said Mr Cretu came to Ireland about a week before the incident was supposed to get work in construction but did not.

She told the court Mr Cretu was employed to protect the women after an unpleasant incident had occurred.

Mr Cretu would stay in the kitchen or living room when the clients were in the house but he would never take any money.

Ms Sotir said she was in the bedroom with Mr Cretu at 11pm that night and the other woman was in her own bedroom.

She heard a noise from the door and the bell was ringing and there was shouting so Mr Cretu went to the door.

Ms Sotir said two men broke the door in and that the taller one stabbed Mr Cretu with a knife and pushed him into the kitchen.

She said the Mr Cretu said nothing to the two men before the incident took place.

Ms Sotir said that the tall man held a knife to her throat and asked for money while the smaller one was walking up and down towards the door.

She said the taller man took a wallet with 300 euro in it. She told the court she had brought 500 euro to Ireland and that she had another 200 of it in her handbag.

Ms Sotir said the taller man took the knife with him when he left and the two men ran out of the apartment.

Ms Sotir said that Mr Cretu was lying on the couch, that his skin was turning yellow and he was unresponsive.

She said she saw him being stabbed once near the left nipple. She told the court he was buried in Romania.

She called the Romanian man who told her he could get her a job in Ireland and was told to clean up any evidence of prostitution so she emptied the bedside lockers and disposed of it, the court heard.

She said the man took a long time to get there but arrived two or three minutes before gardai.

She will be cross-examined by the defence on Monday.

The court has previously heard that gardai were unable to trace the other woman.

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