Monday 19 March 2018

Promiscuity 'in air for decades at Maynooth'

Archbishop Eamon Martin. Photo: Frank McGrath
Archbishop Eamon Martin. Photo: Frank McGrath

Nicola Anderson, Ciara Treacy and Alan O'Keeffe

A former lecturer at Maynooth has claimed a culture of "excessive drinking" and "sexual intimidation" at the college dates back decades.

Mark Dooley, a former philosophy lecturer at Maynooth University yesterday claimed the culture in Maynooth was “all-pervasive” among staff as well as students.

He explained that students from the seminary were obliged to attend his philosophy lectures at the university.

"One was almost expected to conform to this culture and if one expressed any desire to be faithful to one's vocation, one was made to feel like a pariah," he said.

Dooley's comments come after Archbishop Martin explained his decision to send seminarians to Rome instead of Maynooth due to allegations of a "homosexual, gay culture - that students are using an app called Grindr, a gay dating app".

Martin's controversial stance has left him isolated by his colleagues. Yesterday, an Archbishop and six bishops said they will continue to send priests to the embattled college in Maynooth regardless of the controversy.

Fr Brendan Hoban of the Association of Catholic Priests warned that Archbishop Diarmuid Martin's decision will have far-reaching consequences. He also stated that Archbishop Martin's arguments about moving students to Rome "are not convincing".

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