Monday 15 October 2018

Pro-life protest forces FG TD to flee his home

Mark O'Regan

Mark O'Regan

A FINE Gael TD was forced to flee his Dublin home after a group of anti-abortion activists started banging on his front door and windows.

A large group of demonstrators gathered outside the home of Deputy Derek Keating (pictured) on Sunday. He decided to leave his house in Lucan because of the incident.

"I found it quite frightening and was afraid to answer the door,'' he said.

Gardai have confirmed they called to the house – although no arrests were made.

Mr Keating first became worried when a group of up to 30 people – some waving anti-abortion banners and placards – gathered outside the house. They shouted at him to open the door and banged at the door and on the windows.

The TD said he recognised a number of people in the group and gave the names to gardai who responded quickly to his request for assistance. "This is not acceptable,'' he added.

"I am grateful to the gardai. However I am now fearful and have taken advice that in my own interests of safety, I should leave my home and seek accommodation elsewhere," he said.

His wife was away in Africa at the time of the incident and the couple's two daughters no longer live at the family home.

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