Thursday 17 January 2019

'Link will give young people a better chance in life', says Cathal


Cathal Holland at Finglas Youth Resource Centre. Photo: Arthur Carron
Cathal Holland at Finglas Youth Resource Centre. Photo: Arthur Carron
Laura Lynott

Laura Lynott

Finglas youth worker Cathal Holland wants the young people of his community to have a better future, to know they can access the entire city "just by jumping on and off the Luas".

Cathal, who works with children aged 10 up to young adults of 24, knows the potential in the heart of Finglas.

He encounters the hotbed of artistic talent the community has to offer every day at the Finglas Youth Resource Centre.

However, the youth worker feels the lack of State cash that's been put into the area has only led to faded dreams for many.

A simple matter, such as an improved transport system, could change all this, he feels.

"If the Luas goes ahead it will be a really positive influence on the young people because it will provide an opportunity to link up to what's happening in Dublin city centre," Cathal said.

"We do seem to be sceptical in the community when these things get announced but that's because we've been let down before with false promises.

"If the Luas comes to Finglas, it will give our young people a better chance than previous generations. They tell me now that the buses are always overcrowded and that's tough for young people who are starting to work in their first jobs in the city.


"Some kids are in low skilled jobs, many didn't go to university. If there's issues with transport, then it can knock young people's confidence.

"Something as simple as an improved transport system will give the young hope. We have amazing young people in Finglas. There's so much talent here.

"The Luas in Finglas would make such a huge difference to the lives of our young - from seeing more of Dublin, going to college, going to work and having an improved quality of life.

"We just need to see that this happens now."

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