Wednesday 23 October 2019

Brexit ready: how the education sector is preparing already


More Irish students may have to travel further afield for the Erasmus scheme, and maybe through other languages
More Irish students may have to travel further afield for the Erasmus scheme, and maybe through other languages Newsdesk Newsdesk

Brexit presents challenges across every area of the country and public policy sector.

The education system is no different, with enor mous changes coming down the track as a result of the British departure from the EU.

The Action Plan for Education 2018 says Brexit also presents opportunities for Ireland to diversify its offerings in a changed international market.

A key element post-Brexit will be the focus on foreign languages. The plan aims to implement a Foreign Languages Strategy to significantly increase the number of students studying a foreign language at all levels.

To attract increased inward investment and outward trade, the talent base also has to be right. The Expert Group on Future Skills Needs is examining the skills needs arising from Brexit's potential trade implications, and it is expected the study will help with the development of talent and cross-sectoral skills to help Irish business work in a potentially more complex and diverse trading environment post-Brexit.

A new strategy to attract world-leading researchers to Ireland will also be developed.

In partnership with business and employers the enrolment of postgraduate researchers will be increased and the number of programmes to support post-doctoral researchers will rise. The aim will be to grow a vibrant research community and address economic demands.

Partnerships between colleges north and south of the border will be enhanced

Also at third-level, the uptake of the Erasmus student exchange programme will increase.

Speaking at the launch of the Action Plan for Education 2018, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar noted that an outcome of Brexit may be British universities no longer being part of Erasmus.

More Irish students may have to travel further afield, and maybe through other languages.

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