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Saturday 25 January 2020

Profile of dismembered man found at recycling plant being established

Conor Feehan

Conor Feehan

Gardai investigating the discovery of body parts from a dismembered man at a west Dublin recycling plant have today revealed that the victim had previously had surgery to his skull at some point in his life.

They also believe that the man was aged between 25 and 45 and somewhere between 5ft 8 and 6ft tall, and may have been dead for four or five days before being discovered at the Thorntons Recycling plant in Ballyfermot in Dublin on August 1.

Today gardai launched an appeal for information in an effort to identify the man.

Superintendant Paul Moran from the garda press office said that a post mortem had established that the person had been dismembered before being disposed of, but he told that how far away the body had come from had not been established.

Through DNA analysis it has been established the person who was dismembered was a man and that further analysis is being undertaken by the forensics laboratory at garda headquarters to try and establish the race of the person.

A number of other body parts have been found, but to protect the integrity of the investigation gardai are not disclosing these in any detail.

However, it is known that some skull fragments were found because there is evidence that the man had undergone neurosurgical treatment in the past.

Screws used in surgery were present in either side of the skull, indicating the man underwent surgery for serious head trauma such as an assault, a fall, or an accident.

Gardai also say it is possible that the extent of the surgery could indicate that the man may have suffered neurological problems such as seizures or epilepsy following this surgery.

"We are appealing to anyone who is concerned about a male relative or male friend whom they have not heard from or whom they have been unable to contact since the end of June to contact us," said Supt Moran.

"We are also appealing to any neurological consultants, doctors and carers who may have treated and cared for this man to help if they can," he added.

More than 1,000 tonnes of domestic and industrial waste has been examined in the now concluded search of Thornton's recycling plant.

Over 250 statements have been taken, resulting in more than 300 lines of enquiry being followed.

Liaison with Interpol, the Garda Missing Person Bureau, and the Forensic Laboratory at Garda Headquarters is also in operation.

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