Tuesday 10 December 2019

Probe not hindered by laws, says Ahern

Tom Brady Security Editor

JUSTICE Minister Dermot Ahern insisted yesterday that the garda investigation into irregularities at Anglo Irish Bank is not being hampered by inadequate laws.

He said he was satisfied that the gardai and staff from the Office of the Director of Corporate Enforcement were making every effort in what was one of the most complex white collar criminal investigations ever undertaken in the State.

He claimed that nobody was more frustrated than the members of the Cabinet.

"But we live in a democracy and people must be regarded as innocent until they are proven guilty. Outrage is not evidence and what we need is evidence," he added.

Mr Ahern said the problem was not legislation but securing proof beyond reasonable doubt of criminal activity.

Mr Ahern said significant resources had been assigned, with 27 gardai and 16 officers from the Corporate Enforcement Office. The investigation had so far resulted in more than 100,000 computer files, emails and other documents being analysed and more than 350 people being interviewed.

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