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Pro-life society rejected by University of Limerick council


The University of Limerick

The University of Limerick

The University of Limerick

A pro-life society in the University of Limerick has become the first group to be rejected by its clubs and societies council.

Members of the council objected to the pro-life group being recognised as an official society within the university.

University rules dictate that if there is an objection to a society, a vote is held or a 15 week trial period is conducted.

After the UL Life Society approached the council to be recognised as an official group, there was an objection from a council member.

It narrowly missed out on being approved with 22 voting against approval and 21 voting for it.

The pro-life society said it was left with no explanation as to why so many council members were against the group.

The university’s Student Union President Emma Porter believed it was the first time a society was not granted permission to begin the 15 week probation period.

She said a democratic vote by the Clubs & Socs Council had gone against the society.

The Chairman of the society, Manuel Kuhs said he understood that the council may not want to inject money into the society because of the delicate subject it deals with.

However he said the society will appeal its current decision.

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The society’s Facebook page describes its aim ‘‘to promote the inherent sanctity of human life”.

‘‘We aim to do so by informing students of the issues involved in the sanctity of human life, engaging in a relevant manner students on issues such as abortion on euthanasia.’’

‘‘Mobilising students to take action to protect the sanctity of human life in Ireland,’’ is the society’s main goal.

The student-run society was established in March 2013 and has since provided students with information on its objectives actively around the campus.

‘‘The University of Limerick students union encourages any group who want to establish an official Club or Society to do so in line with the established charter of rules for the ULSU – Clubs & Societies,’’ said ULSU President, Emma Porter.

‘‘The Life Society has existed on campus for some time and recently chose to go through the process to become an official society.

‘‘They were not successful in gaining the majority vote by the Clubs & Societies Council.

‘‘Any club or society which is unsuccessful in its bid to become an official society can appeal the decision and reapply in the next semester to the Clubs & Socs Council,’’ she said.

‘‘The Life Society will continue to function as a society on campus and has the opportunity to communicate to students on our campus.’’

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