Friday 19 January 2018

Private parts left out in the cold after Ben Dunne removes hair dryers from gyms reporters

BEN Dunne has removed hair dryers from the male changing rooms at all his gyms, after seeing male members use the dryers on their private parts.

The gym mogul told The Evening Herald that he felt compelled to remove hair dryers on hygiene grounds as he had witnessed several gym users drying their nether regions.

He said “When you see people using a hairdryer on other parts of their bodies and then putting it back, there is no way you can allow that to go on in any business. I will not allow that to go on in my business."

The former Dunnes boss dismissed suggestions the decision was a Ryanair style cost cutting measure, saying “if it was to save electricity, I would take the plugs out so they could not plug in their dryers.”

Mr Dunne said any gym patrons unhappy with the move will be entitled to a refund of their membership fee.

Meanwhile the outspoken businessman also slammed what he views as the removal of Christian religion from Ireland and says he prays everyday during the Angelus. He told Classic Hits FM: “I am disgusted to hear what is being said in parliament in Europe about taking Christianity out of our lives.”

"It's now got worse and they want us to do away with crucifixes, they want us to deny we are Christians publicly.

He continued “We are a Christian country and there is nobody going to take that out of me or the vast majority of people in this country.”

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