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Prison officer slashed while breaking up row in Midlands Prison


Midlands Prison Portlaise

Midlands Prison Portlaise

Midlands Prison Portlaise

Three prison officers have been released from hospital following two separate incidents at the Midlands Prison.

An officer needed ‘a dozen or so’ stitches after being slashed by a make-shift weapon as he broke up a row between prisoners.

At least three prisoners were involved in the incident that took place in the Portlaoise prison's 'E' wing unit, where some of Ireland's most dangerous criminals, including members of drug gangs and Republican prisoners, are held.

Meanwhile in a separate incident, two officers suffered injuries while tying to subdue an uncooperative prisoner.

In a statement to Independent.ie, a spokesperson for the Irish Prison Service confirmed that three officers had been injured and that “an investigation was underway”.

“The Director General of the Irish Prison Service has said that his thoughts are with the injured staff and their families,” they said.

The Minister for Justice Frances Fitzgerald is due to meet with the Prisoner Officers Association next week after prison officers said they were on the verge of going on strike due to fears over safety concerns.

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