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Priory Hall residents spared €100 household payment

RESIDENTS of the Priory Hall apartment complex will be exempt from paying the €100 household charge.

But residents in unfinished 'ghost' estates are still uncertain if they will be hit with the financial penalty.

A decision has yet to be made on whether unfinished housing developments will be exempt from the annual household charge which will be used to help fund local authorities.

Graham Usher, spokesman for the residents evacuated from the Priory Hall complex due to fire-safety concerns, said people were glad "common sense" had prevailed.

Homeowners were informed the charge would not apply to Priory Hall as under the legislation a building must be suitable for occupation for the €100 fee to be applied.

"On top of everything else, it may seem minor but it came as a kick in the teeth for people. Originally they seemed to be of the opinion that we would have to pay the charge," he said.


The residents of the Donaghmede estate vacated their homes in October when the complex was found to have breached fire-safety legislation.

The Department of the Environment confirmed Priory Hall would be exempt for 2012 as the charge only applies to properties fit for human habitation.

The department confirmed the list of unfinished estates exempted from the charge has yet to be finalised and it will be set out in regulations.

However, the due date for the payment of €100 is now just days away -- January 1.

A spokesman for the department said homeowners would have until March 31 to pay the fee and would be aware before then if it applied to their dwellings.

The exempted estates will be compiled from the department's list of unfinished housing developments and properties will not be visited by officials.

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