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Priest says scene was like war zone

THE priest who gave the last rites to the six people who were killed in the air crash described the scene as like a war zone.

Fr Michael Murphy said when he arrived at the airport there were ambulances racing past him and he thanked God that people were still alive.

"It was just a completely devastating scene, shocking, unbelievable," he said.

The parish priest was taken to a makeshift field hospital under a tent beside the upturned plane wreck where the bodies of all six dead were laid out next to each other.

Inside, gardai were working on identifying the victims of the devastation.

"I just prayed for them and gave them the last rites. I tried not to look around because it's hard enough to cope with this type of thing," he said.

Fr Murphy said it has been difficult to distract himself from the devastating event.

"Recalling it is absolutely awful," Fr Murphy added.

A Mass will be offered for the victims and survivors at Ballyphehane tomorrow.

Irish Independent