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Priest attacks 'Godless' treaty and 'heathen bureaucrats'

A CATHOLIC priest has urged his congregation not to sell their souls by voting 'Yes' for a "Godless" Europe.

In a letter to Mass-goers yesterday, Father Des Sweeney, parish priest in Ramelton, Co Donegal, said that by voting 'No' they would have God on their side.

And he accused Dail representatives of asking the public to hand more control of their lives over to "heathen bureaucrats".

His comments come a week after Catholic bishops issued a pastoral letter which, while appearing favourable to a 'Yes' vote, stopped short of telling people how to vote.

The popular 75-year old, who is known across the north west as a healer, claimed that many European governments were implementing anti-family laws which undermined family values.

"For them, Christianity is out-moded, a thing of the past, to be treated with disdain. The European Charter of Human Rights contains no mention of God or of Europe's Christian roots and ethos.

"They seem to loathe the very idea of God . . . This is the Europe we are being asked to say 'Yes' to, surrender ourselves to," he said.


And, referring to the emphasis on material gain, he asked, "Is it alright, like Judas, to sell our souls for the 30 pieces of silver?"

He claimed that if the treaty was passed, the "so-called" charter of human rights would, in time, become legally binding as elsewhere, regardless of assurances given.

"This does not seem to matter to our representatives in the Dail. If it did, would they be asking us to hand over more control over our lives to those heathen bureaucrats," he said.

The letter continued that the only thing more outrageous and insulting was that they should expect people to ape them in their subservience by saying 'Yes'.

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"Europe is becoming totalitarian. Godless. Be on your guard. Vote 'No'.

"Even if you don't have the majority voting with you, you will have made yourself a friend of God, you will have God on your side," he said.

The elderly parish priest also told those that might be influenced by party loyalties that their first loyalties were to Jesus Christ.

"Those who would ask you to betray those loyalties are false friends. Ignore them," he said.

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