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Previous winners now enjoying glorious careers

SO what do young scientists become when they grow up -- adult scientists, of course.

For Thomas Gernon (right) from Colaiste Ris, Dundalk, Co Louth, who took the top prize 10 years ago, his fascination with volcanoes has taken him all over the world from Botswana to Arctic Canada and Far Eastern Siberia.

The 1981 winner, Catherine Conlon, from Muckross Park, Dublin, was successful with a study of the spider and its web. She is currently lecturing in epidemiology and public health at UCC.

And Luke Drury, from Wesley College, Co Dublin, who won the coveted prize in 1969, obtained a PhD in Astrophysics from Cambridge University and won the Shaki P duggal award in 1987 for outstanding work in the field of Cosmic rays.

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