Pretty in pink: the Greystones house being used for filming of Disney movie ‘Disenchanted’

Erskine Avenue, Burnaby in Greystones

Melanie Finn

Even on a normal day, this detached period home in the affluent suburb of Greystones would catch the eye.

But add a pinch of fairy dust and a sprinkling of Hollywood magic, and you have the second Wicklow location for the big-budget Disney shoot ‘Disenchanted.’

The production crew has spent the past few weeks transforming the property, which has a turreted roof feature and has been painted a pale-pink hue for the movie starring Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey.

The house in the upmarket area of The Burnaby in Greystones has been covered from the roof down with trailing pink flowers and trellis-style foliage ahead of filming on the shoot starting this week.

No expense is being spared.

Houses in the area were mainly built at the end of the 19th century and modelled on the Arts & Crafts style with a focus on steeply pitched roofs, dormers and mock-Tudor timber framing.

The filming crew are at pains to make sure the locals are not being disrupted and no expense is being spared when it comes to minimising disruption in the area.

The production crew, who arrived at the house earlier today, are paying for the homeowners and their adjacent neighbours to be accommodated in a luxury hotel when filming begins in earnest.

"Everyone is being put up for two nights as they were told it’s going to be very noisy so they’re all thrilled. It’s brought huge excitement to the area,” a local told

Along with the nearby town of Enniskerry, this house will form a key part of filming for the movie, which will film all summer long in Ireland.

It’s understood that this property may be used to depict the suburban home where Amy Adams, aka Princess Gisele ended up living after falling in love with Dempsey, aka Robert.

All the principal cast members have been in Ireland for the past few weeks, including heart-throb James Marsden as Prince Rupert and Idina Menzel as Nancy.

Joining the cast will be Maya Rudolph in the role of a villain while many of the stars have shared photographs of them enjoying their time in Ireland.

Amy Adams’ husband Darren Le Gallo posted a picture of their daughter Aviana enjoying her 11th birthday in the National Gallery of Ireland after it reopened after lockdown while Dempsey has posted several pictures of Irish scenery. He was also spotted in a deli in Dalkey over the weekend.

Earlier this week, he posted a selfie and wrote: “I love being in Ireland and I’m having so much fun working on this film #disenchanted.”

Directed by Adam Shankman, the plotline of the movie picks up 10 years after Giselle's fairytale ending in the 2007 monster hit ‘Enchanted.’

The follow-on movie ‘Disenchanted’ sees her character being plunged into an early-life crisis which sees her questioning her life and turning the animated kingdom of Andalasia upside down.

Location scouting began in Ireland over a year ago with the picturesque village of Enniskerry being used as a primary location alongside Greystones, Dundalk and the RDS.

Filming will start in Enniskerry on June 14 and run for five days, with a ring of steel erected around the village as it’s closed off to traffic. There will also be four night shoots starting July 6 and two days in late July.