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President gets Budget petition plea

A PETITION calling on the President to "unyoke the nation's welfare" from private banking interests was handed into Aras an Uachtarain yesterday.

Alternative therapist Scotlyn Sabean travelled by bus from Killybegs, Co Donegal, to Dublin with the petition, which had been signed by more than 800 people.

Ms Sabean, who launched the online campaign last month, claims that Article 45 of the Constitution forbids the nation being encumbered by private and commercial interests of institutions.

She is urging President Mary McAleese to call a meeting of the Council of State and intervene before she signs the Budget into law.

"This petition is calling on the President to review the constitutionality of the Government's banking strategy and to refuse to sign the Budget into law until the link between private bank risk has been removed from the nation's liabilities, with such being reflected in the Budget," she said.

"People I know are afraid and angry. I'm showing other people they can act. The President should be watching what the Government is doing constitutionally. I do think she has a role to play," Ms Sabean added.

Irish Independent