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President aiming to cut through gobbledygook

PRESIDENT Michael D Higgins has said managerial jargon is in his sights as he toys with the idea of introducing a "Bureaucrat of the Year" award.

But he added that people were beginning to see through "managerial non-speak" and "abstract fantasy" and returning to what is "real" in life.

In a speech to residents of St Columba's Hospital in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny, he said: "We began to speak impersonally to each other.

"We had imagined that everyone could become a millionaire if you kept selling your house over and over again.

"There were people who were recorded in papers as owning half of London and were on their way to owning nearly all of Dubai and a good section of New York.

"The whole thing is brought down to a great reality in places like Kilkenny.

"I was thinking of having an award for Bureaucrat of the Year, something like the Tidy Towns competition where you could start locally and build up."

The president was speaking during a day-long visit to Co Kilkenny which included a stop at the national school in Thomastown and a civic reception in Kilkenny Castle.


After opening a new activities room in the long-stay St Columba's, he met some of the residents who included actress Doreen Jenner, better known as Doreen Keogh, who is a veteran of 'The Royle Family' and 'Father Ted'.

He also met May Bambrick, who was presented with a cheque for €2,540 for reaching the age of 100 earlier in the week.

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