Thursday 19 July 2018

Pregnant driver forced off road in crash caused by sulky race

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Caroline Crawford

Caroline Crawford

A pregnant motorist who was forced to swerve off the road after she encountered five cars driving across both lanes, protecting a sulky race, was hit from behind by another driver trying to avoid the cavalcade.

The incident happened on the N20 Mallow to Limerick road about 8.20am on Sunday when more than 10 cars took over both lanes of the road to protect a sulky race which was taking place behind them.

The female motorist, who is 17 weeks' pregnant, was driving from Cork to Limerick when she encountered five cars in a 'V' formation taking up the entire width of the road. A further five cars in a similar formation were following them.

She immediately swerved into the hard shoulder where she narrowly avoided a head-on collision with one of the cavalcade. However, she was hit from behind by another motorist.

The shocked motorists were left even more distressed when the procession of cars returned to the scene, recording the damage they had caused on mobile phones and jeering at the scene of the accident.

Gardaí attended the scene but it is not clear what action was taken.

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