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Praveen will keep looking for answers after inquest ends

PRAVEEN Halappanavar will continue to seek answers on the death of his wife Savita following the conclusion of her inquest, according to his solicitor.

Gerard O'Donnell said that his client was relieved that his version of events regarding Savita's care was being borne out at the inquest, which resumes today.

But he said it did not answer questions on how her death was allowed to happen.

"The facts are being borne out with what Praveen has been saying from the start but it still doesn't go to any question of how or why it was allowed to happen. Praveen will continue to seek answers to those questions," said Mr O'Donnell.

Savita died on October 28 last at Galway University Hospital. Her inquest has heard of a litany of failures regarding her care.

Praveen will attend the hearings over the coming days but will step out of the room when detailed evidence regarding the post mortem on his wife and unborn daughter, Prasa, are presented.

"It has been very traumatic for him so far, but Praveen will return to the inquest this week," said Mr O'Donnell.

The inquest will hear evidence from a number of expert witnesses and is also set to hear from two witnesses who have been recalled after giving differing versions of events.


Mr O'Donnell also revealed that evidence from the inquest has been made available to the team carrying out the HSE review into her death, before they publish the final report.

Mr O'Donnell said he had requested that the detailed statements be passed on to the review team, which has completed its draft report.

He said any meeting between Praveen's representatives and the team, which is being chaired by Prof Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran, would not occur until the inquest was completed and the team had had time to review all the statements.

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