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Power and the brain: Kenny, Blair and Fianna Fail

What Prof Ian Robertson says about Taoiseach Enda Kenny, the last Fianna Fail government and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.


Prof Robertson says holding power has actually improved his performance.

"I would think Enda Kenny improved his performance partly because of getting power, compared to his performance in opposition.

"I believe he showed signs of improving in his performance. Part of that is just having power. Some people can really rise to the challenge. I think it has been a positive in his case."


Tony Blair had a "high need for power". He used it to good effect with his influence in Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone and Kosovo.

But the flip side came when he used his power to lead his country into the war in Iraq.

"He controlled too big a niche for power," he said.


Prof Robertson said one of the consequences of power is it makes individuals focus on the positive rewards.

"No government should be in power for more than 10 years. We had a real problem of that excess of power in terms of the people in charge here."

He said the bubble before the crash was linked to being too long in government. He cites ministers arriving to meetings in a stream of cars as an example.

"That is a feature of the power blindness," he said.

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