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Potter Stephen Pearce re-opens after two years

ONE of Ireland's most famous potters, Stephen Pearce, has spoken of his delight at re-opening his company two years after it closed its doors with the loss of 25 jobs.

Mr Pearce yesterday confirmed plans to return to his Shanagarry premises adjacent to his house in the east Cork town.

His pottery company closed in November 2008 but now, close to two years later, he is re-opening from a smaller base at his home with plans to employ 10 people.

Mr Pearce said he was ecstatic at the prospect of having his business up and running again.

"It is just great after two years of hell to be doing this. We are opening up soon.

"I am sorting heavy machinery as we speak." He said he is to meet somebody "whom I hope will make a big order. The fact that I am back in business will encourage others to remain confident that things can, and do turn around.

Having been forced to put his pottery into receivership at the end of 2008, he has spent nearly two years securing a backer, refining his range and preparing to open his pottery company again. Mr Pearce said he wasn't part of the Celtic Tiger years but admited he did allow the banks to lend him far too much. He says he takes responsibility for taking his eye off the ball and his advice is "it's not about the money. It's about you and how you choose to overcome what seems like impossible difficulties."

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