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Pothole campaigner plotting a rocky road to seat in Dail

CAVAN'S "pothole terror" is considering running for election promising to get every crater in his county fixed.

Martin Hannigan (54) is out of retirement since frost and ice left massive potholes on his county's roads. He shot to fame because of his long-running campaign of highlighting potholes in Co Cavan.

He used luminous paint to warn motorists of the potholes from 1998 until he agreed to give up his actions after appearing before Cootehill District Court in September 2009.

However, yesterday he vowed to continue to pressure Cavan County Council into filling potholes saying he was "not afraid of judges, gardai or anyone".

"I have been approached by a number of people who want me to run as an Independent. It's short notice but I'm thinking about it," said Mr Hannigan.

"Something needs to be done and our local authority needs a wake-up call. I'm back painting the potholes but I'm not putting graffiti on the roads."

Mr Hannigan said that on his own road in Cootehill there were eight houses, but taxis refused to drive up it because of the potholes. "I know of one case where a funeral undertaker refused to go up the road because of the state of it," he added.

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