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Tuesday 21 November 2017

Postman Pat finally gives up day job after €7m Lotto win

Nick Bramhill

A POSTMAN who won €7m on the Lotto has finally quit his job -- two months after he won the jackpot.

Cork father-of-four Pat Broderick, who had never been on holiday before his life-changing win, amassed more than 40 days of paid leave by the time his lucky numbers came up.

That meant he had nearly two months to decide about his future and whether or not he would return to the job he'd loved for 25 years.

Friends said up to recently he had seriously considered returning to his old work routine, getting up at dawn to deliver the mail around Kinsale.

But just before his holidays came to an end, he decided to call time on his career as a postman and informed his bosses he would not be returning to work.

A family friend said yesterday that Pat (47) had agonised for weeks about whether he would continue to work.

He said: "Most people would probably jack in their old jobs straight away if they won the Lotto, but that wasn't the case with Pat. In the weeks following his win, he always told people who asked that he hadn't decided about the future. And that's because he was seriously thinking about going back to work.

"It's something he did for over 25 years and it's a job he loved. It was part of his daily routine, so he found it very difficult at first to get his head round the fact he wouldn't be delivering the post again.

"Fortunately he had 40 days' holiday to take, so he was able to use that time to adjust to his new fortune and decided whether or not he would deliver the mail again.

"Shortly before his holidays came to an end, he handed his notice in. But it certainly wasn't a decision he made lightly.


"But there's no doubt he made the right decision. He's now got enough money to not have to work again for the rest of his life.

"He also felt it would be unfair for him to carry on working when there is so much unemployment around. He knows there are many people around who would love his old job and need it far more than he does. So that swung it for him."

However, apart from quitting his old job, little has changed in the life of the down-to-earth multi-millionaire, who can be seen most days walking his dog round the Co Cork town.

Far from splashing his cash, he and wife Mary (45) have only taken one foreign holiday -- a short break to Portugal's Algarve.

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