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Poor conditions hamper recovery of diver's body

Difficult diving conditions yesterday stalled the operation to recover the body of a Polish man from one of the country's deepest underwater caves.

A three-man expert UK team of cave divers yesterday arrived in south Galway for a detailed briefing and assessment of the treacherous cave at Polloonora, Kiltartan, where Artur Kozlowski lost his life on Monday.

Mr Kozlowski got into difficulties while diving at a depth of about 50 metres. He is understood to have been exploring a new shaft in the limestone boreholes. When he failed to surface, two colleagues raised the alarm.

His body has since been located in a dangerous and narrow section of the cave.

Poor visibility and the requirement of a slow ascent due to decompression dangers are among the difficulties the recovery divers face.

The operation is expected to get under way today, but may not be completed until tomorrow.

The UK team includes Rick Stanton, a Coventry firefighter who took part in a dangerous operation in 2004 when six British soldiers were trapped in a cavern in Mexico.

He had recently met Mr Kozlowski during a diving expedition in Spain.

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