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Tuesday 20 November 2018

Poll: Support for Government parties unchanged

Support unchanged despite controversies associated with Budget

Daniel McConnell, Political Correspondent

SUPPORT for the Government parties is unchanged since last month despite controversies related to the Budget, the Seanad referendum defeat and the property tax furore, the latest Sunday Independent MillwardBrown nationwide opinion poll reveals.

The poll, which will be published tomorrow, also reveals that the Opposition, by and large, has failed to capitalise on those difficulties for the Government.

Excluding Don’t Knows, first preference support is: Fine Gael (27pc) unchanged; Labour (9pc) unchanged; Fianna Fail (24pc) down three points; Sinn Fein (21pc) up two points; Independents/others (18pc) up one point; the Greens (1pc) down one point.

However, the number of voters who fail to express support for any of the current political parties, the Don’t Knows, has again increased to more than a third (36pc) - a consistent pattern which will be closely monitored by those waiting or plotting in the wings to establish a new party.

In other findings, public support for the formation of a new political party has increased considerably in the last three months with almost half of the electorate (46pc) now in favour.

The increase to 46pc represents a six point rise since August.

Those most enthusiastic for a new party include current declared supporters of the Opposition - Sinn Fein, Fianna Fail and Independents - while supporters of the Government parties, Fine Gael and Labour, are decidedly less favourable toward the idea.

However, the formation in September of the Reform Alliance, a group of former Fine Gael TDs and senators, may account, in part, for renewed support for the formation of a new party.



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