Thursday 23 May 2019

Poll: Should Communion and Confirmation prep take place in the classroom?

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CATHOLIC schools want more preparation for Confirmation and Communion to take place outside of the classroom a new survey has found.

The Archdiocese of Dublin surveyed 1,800 principals, teachers, parishioners and priests as part of a review of the sacraments.

The survey's early results show that the schools would prefer parents and local parishes to take a bigger part in the preparation of children for the sacraments.

In a statement a spokeswoman for the diocese said Ireland's approach to preparing children for the sacraments is unique.

"A strong pattern in the responses is a desire for change being expressed across the board," she said.

"Ireland is unique in its dependence on schools in preparing for and celebrating the sacraments. Parishes are becoming more involved and there are some efforts to involve parents more. However, in the survey, all express dissatisfaction that it is still largely a school event. Schools themselves feel that they are still working in a vacuum.

"All the voices in the survey are asking for more movement in the direction of parent and parish responsibility. All are saying that passing on the faith is primarily the responsibility of the home, with the support of the parish as well as the school."

The Archdiocese said it now plans to work out how this data can be acted on by consulting further with parishes, parents and schools.

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