Wednesday 21 February 2018

Who says bejaysus anyway? And when Gerry Adams thought he was Jimmy Rabbitte – all on the Floating Voter podcast

On the Floating Voter this week, the team discussed Enda’s last trip to DC as Taoiseach and asked who uses the word 'bejaysus' anyway? Has any Irish person ever said the word or is it just Enda?

Stage Irishness plays well when abroad it seems, though we are the country that named a garage after the US president so we like to ham it up ourselves when it suits.

Philip Ryan joind us from DC to tell us what really went on in his DC junket - was that Gerry and Mary Lou last seen walking the streets of DC with a bag of cans looking to gatecrash the Paddys Day party?

Plus, why Gerry Adams is black and he’s proud, and we meet first time TD, Maria Bailey on her new life in the Dail – the mountain runs of To Hell & Back will have nothing on it.

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