Wednesday 21 August 2019

Where parties stand on the Eighth

Taoiseach Enda Kenny has to date refused to commit to a referendum
Taoiseach Enda Kenny has to date refused to commit to a referendum Newsdesk Newsdesk

Fine Gael: Its overall position is unclear. The issue is still being discussed internally but sources insist it will feature in its manifesto. But views among ministers and TDs are mixed.

Fianna Fáil: Won't commit to a referendum to repeal the Eighth Amendment. The party says it wants the Oireachtas to have an "honest debate" on what would replace it if a repeal took place. Fianna Fáil has requested the establishment of a judge-led commission to assess the legal and constitutional options and the potential impact of the amendment being repealed.

Labour Party: Favours repeal of the Eighth Amendment in its entirety by way of referendum. The party has pledged the introduction of "detailed legislation" providing for the circumstances in which abortion may legally take place.

Sinn Féin: Also wants urgent repeal by way of referendum. Sinn Féin says it should not be replaced by any other clause in the Constitution but that legislation should be introduced.

Renua Ireland: No official stance as the party says its members vote according to their conscience. Party members can campaign for or against a repeal.

Green Party: Urgent repeal by way of referendum. The party supports abortion in the cases of rape, incest, fatal foetal abnormalities, or when the health of the mother is at risk and will legislate for terminations in these cases.

Independent Alliance: No official position, as members vote according to conscience and have a free vote.

Anti-Austerity Alliance/People Before Profit: Urgent repeal by way of referendum. The party says it believes in "right to choice" for women and is therefore not proposing to put anything in place.

Social Democrats: Urgent repeal via referendum. A decision in relation to replacing the amendment will be made following a discussion within the party.

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