Saturday 17 March 2018


Brian Cowen

Stumbled on for over two years before quitting before the 2011 election.

Brian Lenihan

Continued as Finance Minister until the general election of 2011. Died in June 2011.

Patrick Neary Financial Regulator

He has studiously avoided the limelight since stepping down in 2009 with a €630,000 payoff.

John Hurley Governor, Central Bank

Left office in 2009 and has a pension of €175,000.

Brian Goggin CEO, Bank of Ireland

He fell on his sword in January 2009 with a pension of €650,000.

Eugene Sheehy CEO, AIB

After stepping down with a pension of €458,000, he was last seen studying History at Trinity College.

Dermot McCarthy Secretary General to the Government

Stepped down in the summer of 2011.

Dermot Gleeson AIB chairman

Left the bank in 2009 and has busied himself with his legal work.

Paul Gallagher Attorney General

Has resumed his career as a barrister since leaving government.

David Doyle Department of Finance Secretary General

He retired in January 2010 at the age of 60 with payoff of almost €600,000.

Kevin Cardiff Senior Department of Finance official

Took the helm in Finance before joining European Court of Auditors last year.

Richard Burrows Bank of Ireland Governor

Since stepping down from the bank in 2009, the perma-tanned sailing enthusiast has had a string of boardroom posts.

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