Saturday 14 December 2019

Week-ipedia - the ups and downs of party politics

Taoiseach Enda Kenny pictured with the newly appointed Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan
Taoiseach Enda Kenny pictured with the newly appointed Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan
The brilliant RT @kikibooki has turned his attention to Father Ted. @redjolt Dougallooks exactly the same.

Damien Corless

The ups and down of politics were showcased in FG this week, as ex-minister Phil Hogan was appointed the EU's new Agriculture Minister.

His role in the environment portfolio did little to enhance his popularity with the public as the property tax was swiftly followed by the framing of new water charges. But the public didn't have a say in Hogan's nomination by Taoiseach Enda Kenny to the plum European job, which pays €250,000 a year, plus a range of fringe benefits.

The secret of his success was his closeness to Kenny, whose corner he furiously fought in 2010 when Kenny faced down an attempted coup to depose him.

And the man staging the most meteoric rise in recent Irish politics, Leo Varadkar, was slapped down this week by his party leader. The Health Minister suggested that he would be shelving or long-fingering key policies of his predecessor Dr James Reilly. Kenny issued a reprimand, saying he was "amused" at how easy it is to find reasons why things cannot be done.



As the world’s media lined up to see the launch of Apple’s latest iPhone and a new smartwatch, they were handed a surprise when U2 announced they were making their new album available free to the 500 million users of the iTunes download service. Bono described the event as “mindblowing”.


As the sporting body basked in the glory of last Sunday’s All-Ireland Hurling Final, which was widely acclaimed as the best in living memory, the GAA could also look forward to a lucrative replay on September 27. In generous mood, the GAA even reduced prices for the rematch.


Carlow Spiders

First they were imported via the internet to a cold, damp foreign country, and then they were abandoned by the man who bought them. Over 100 exotic spiders, including tarantulas and black widows, were discovered in an abandoned house in Carlow, and their future is not looking bright.

Sussex Diners

Regulars at a restaurant in Sussex were shocked to learn that health inspectors had discovered a dead lion in the outlet’s freezer next to food supplies. The proprietor told the authorities that the deceased lion had been donated by a nearby zoo as food for his dogs and he saw nothing wrong with his storage solution.

Headline of the week

Banks say we'll leave Scotland if the independence vote is Yes




“We will degrade, and ultimately destroy, ISIL through a comprehensive and sustained counter-terrorism strategy.

— Barack Obama on anniversary of 9/11



Despite the most thrilling hurling final, there were some begrudgers:


Pointless, ritualistic and personalised dissing of GAA refs has to stop.


Republic manager Martin O’Neill is hoping a young talent will declare for Ireland:


Manchester United target Jack Grealish: “Stephen Quinn called me a Fake Paddy.”


U2 released a new album bundled with the launch of the iPhone6:


No U2 fan but with the masses mocking them, think people should think about how much Apple paid them, apparently $100m!


Sinn Fein held its annual conference in the Louth village of Termonfeckin.


More “joinedey-upness” a priority for Sinn Fein, says Gerry.

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